Thursday, November 29, 2012

National Coalition of American Nuns Challenge Men of Maryknoll Over Fr. Roy Bourgeois

Alas, dear men of Maryknoll,
What icy fear so numbed your hearts
To make you throw your own good brother
Into jaws of cruel inquisition?

If truth to conscience be not honored
By you, but rather weak subservience
Then do you not dis-honor the very vows
That sent you once so boldly forth to mission?

Remember this: you did not go alone
Into the distant lands, but women, too, left all
To join you in the gospel call to love the world.
Why are they now not worthy of your voice?

Together stand with Father Roy today.
Display the courage that your lives proclaim.
Though our expressions be not all alike,
Shall we not trust each one’s integrity?

--From your sisters in the National Coalition of American Nuns

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Katy Zatsick RCWP said...

Bridget Mary,
The good nuns never cease to be prophets in their own church and to their Brother congregations. They are in my prayers each day as are all of us! Let's help make this go viral!