Friday, June 13, 2014

Ireland Needs to Examine Church Role in "Shame" in Tuam Baby Scandal/Bridget Mary Meehan
..."Seriously, dude? What happened is that the remains of 800 children were unceremoniously buried in the backyard.  How can you mistake that for anything other than an atrocity and a total breakdown in humanity?"
Bridget Mary's Response:
While I agree that the entire Irish culture of looking good for the neighbors is part of the context, we must hold the Catholic Church accountable for the role it played in sexual repression by  "shaming" unmarried women who became pregnant. 
We emigrated from County Laois in 1956 to the U.S. Our family suffered the consequences of this deficient theology of shame.  My Aunt after such a pregnancy left Ireland never to return. In another instance, an Aunt and Uncle removed a local neighbor from an  unwed mother workhouse because the conditions were so harsh. 
Jesus would weep and so should we.
Bridget Mary Meehan, originally from County Laois, Ireland

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