Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Will the bishops follow Pope Francis in New Orleans? by Thomas Reese | Jun. 9, 2014

In November, when the U.S. bishops met for their annual meeting in Baltimore, they did not pick up on the themes that are the signature features of the papacy of Pope Francis: concern for the poor and marginalized, criticism of the capitalism, and the mercy and compassion of God. Rather, they continued to worry about gay marriage and the contraceptive mandate and voted to write a statement on pornography. (Spoiler alert: They are against it.)
It was truly embarrassing to watch the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in action in Baltimore, especially for those who remember the glory years when the bishops were prophetic voices with their letters on peace and the economy. It was as if they had missed the Francis memo.
This week, the bishops will have another chance to get on the Francis bandwagon as they meet Wednesday through Friday in New Orleans. Will they miss the bus again?
With his emphasis on the poor and marginalized, there is little doubt how Pope Francis would vote in this debate -- just read Evangelii Gaudium. That the bishops are even hesitating shows that they are not yet on board with Pope Francis..."

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