Thursday, July 24, 2014

"I AM HOME ! THANK GOD! " by Rev. Judy Lee, ARCWP

When we share our love and support and labor the American dream comes true for families who knew hard times, poverty, homelessness and hopelessness. But now their hard work and partnership with Habitat for Humanity, Corporations, churches like Good Shepherd and many volunteers like Charlotte Williams and Debbie Carey has made dreams come true100_3983

On July 18,2014 Pastor Judy Lee and Pastor Judy Beaumont blessed the houses of three elated  recipients of Habitat for Humanity homes. Our Liliana and Marcella worked very hard and was one of the happy families receiving the keys for their new home.  Gaspare was helping with the move at the time of the pictures. Claire and Hank Tessandori helped to furnish Liliana’s home.
100_4005Carol and George, wonderful volunteers also came to help Liliana with home furnishings. 100_4006100_4003THIS is the key! Thanks be to God!
Jimmy Carter’s dream for affordable housing for everyone brought Habitat For Humanity into existence.. With the financing and labor of Corporations and the sweat equity of the families and their friends and churches the houses were built and the American dream came true for three families on this day.
On Friday June 18,2014 our Good Shepherd Church Member Liliana with Marcella and their dog Spike at her side, received the keys to her own new home along with the families of Rosario and Seantai. It was such a joy to be asked to bless the houses of these three hardworking and wonderful families!

On July the 22nd,2014 we had the pleasure of visiting three of our other women in their new homes..Kathy recounted the miracles that restored her life and home. She could not stop thanking God for our help and for the opportunity to serve the other women in her community along with us. She is the onsite minister in her new community.Her favorite words are:
“I’m home,Thank God!”      100_4022100_4023

Here is Kathy and Pastor JudyB. in Kathy’s beautiful home! Kathy said that there is not a more beautiful word on earth than “home”.
This is Ruby in her new home. She still cannot believe that everything is new. She said once, when I was a child I lived in a real home like this. I thought I’d never have one again. Thank God and Goodwill Industries for the physically disabled, and you both for my home.
And Diane says she is happier than she has ever been in her new home. Her rent is high for her but she is showing us how she buys wisely and conserves her money. I am just fine, she says. Diane’s joy brings happiness to all she meets.
100_4019100_4021How wonderful it is to have what everyone should have, a home and food to   eat!

Diane’s smile says it all, Thanks be to God! And, a special thank you to The Father’s Table Foundation that assisted us in helping Diane to have a home and all the furnishings. Thanks to Carol and George pictured above as well, for helping Diane with a new bed and several necessary items.

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