Sunday, July 20, 2014

Local woman to be ordained - Ann Harrington first woman priest from North Carolina

A Greenville woman is to become the first in the state to be ordained a priest in the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests.

Ann Harrington is scheduled to be ordained today at a ceremony in Cincinnati during the annual retreat of the association, a group which advocates for and performs the ordination of women.

The Roman Catholic Women Priests movement, which began more than a decade ago, has since ordained almost 150 women, all without the approval of the Vatican or the blessing of the Catholic Church. The association is not recognized by the Catholic Church, which prohibits the ordination of women as priests or bishops.

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Christina Logan said...

I am so happy for Ann Harrington and for the others ordained last night. As a member of the Free Spirit Inclusive Community in Greenville, NC, I look forward to our first liturgy with Ann presiding as an ordained priest.