Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Commemorating Hiroshima and Nagasaki -Peace and Justice Events in Kansas City by Georgia Walker, ARCWP

Our remembrances of the two major cities of Japan which were destroyed by nuclear bombs and our solidarity with the many sisters and brothers of Japan who died or have suffered are being commemorated in Kansas City:
     Aug 6  with a peace vigil in front of the Kansas City Hall in protest of our city's issuing of revenue bonds of $ 1 billion dollars to build a new Kansas City bomb plant for the Federal government (for Hiroshima and the world)
     Aug 7  We are hosting a talk and reception by Simone Campbell of Network--of Nuns On the Bus fame to talk about budget priorities
     Aug 9  with a peace vigil at our peace park in Kansas City (for Nagasaki and the world) to recall the tragedies of 69 years ago and to recommit ourselves to saving Earth from nuclear weapons.
     Aug 22  A Protest we are calling "DEAD-icated to Death" to protest the dedication of the new nuclear weapons parts plant
Dignitaries will gather at the new National Security Campus to dedicate the new nuclear weapons parts plant.  Peace activists will gather at the same time and place, but for a different purpose.  Officials will carry ribbons and scissors and will have positive things to say about the shiny new plant--but will not talk about what is left behind at the old plant.
Activists will care signs and a coffin, symbolizing death and destruction--as surely a part of the "new" plant's future as the history of the old plant.  Protestors will wear black armbands in remembrance of those who died from toxic contamination at the old plant, as well as a realistic fear for workers at the new plant.  That fear expands as parts are distributed around the country to arm the U.S. nuclear arsenal!

Georgia K. Walker

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