Monday, August 4, 2014

"Encounter"; A Poem by Michele Birch-Conery, ARCWP/Photo of Community Liturgy in Windsor, Canada

  Encounter: Windsor, Ontario Faith Community Liturgy 03 Aug 2014
Tears came. I could have wept
a year, a hundred years,
centuries even.

All our loss, grief
of every kind,
Then, now

and yet to come.

Tears come. She in her softness,
tenderness, infinite love. She
who is firm, strong

who lasts.

Within our tears
her sacred dance
quickens into jazz—

joyous jazzy steps.

We raise our arms,
We open our hands
In praise, in wonder

We are in miracles now.
We are in


Tears come, a great
outpouring. We gather
our mothers’ grief.

The outpouring

of their tears
fills the universe.
Their tears flow

as streams and rivers

flow. Their tears
fill our oceans.
The salt of their tears

Lingers along our coastlines.

We fill our vessels with their tears
Together, we lift them on high
Our chalice in the sky.

Wisdom Divine,
She brings us
back to ourselves.

She pushes us
Through her great birth passage
sending us everywhere.

We come forth
 from her head, her heart,
her hands, her feet.

She has borne
us, again and again,
from her whole self.

We have become her.
She was already us.
Michele Birch-Conery, ARCWP Priest
September 2013.
Revision July 12, 2014.

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