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Article on the Future of Priesthood and Vision of ARCWP as a Discipleship of Equals
Monsignor Leonard says:

women will never be priests


the ordained priesthood will disappear

Because there are fewer and fewer vocations.  Sign of the Times, or not??
Because the ordained priesthood sets up second class Christians.
Because ministry will be less and less priestly and more and more pastoral.
Because a power monopoly and hierarchical system smell too much like “Ancien Regime.”
Because systematically appointing right-wing bishops in dioceses which were functionally well with “liberals” is neither pastoral nor theological but ideological.
Because the “hierarchical system is anti-Gospel,” according to Francoise Dolto.
Because Christ used all his efforts to oppose the forces of the Temple and the Jewish priestly caste, which we have reproduced.

Because democracy, participation and coresponsibility are highly human values giving access to the Kingdom.
Because the Gospel is fundamentally egalitarian: “No longer Jew nor pagan…”
Because there is only one priest, Christ, Jesus of Nazareth.
Because the Spirit continues to speak to all the “Churches;”  and there are structures which render it superfluous.

Because baptism does not make us altar boys.
Because baptism makes us a People entirely priestly.
Because by baptism we become children of God, “because that is what we are” 1 Jn 3,1.
Because “I no longer call you servants…I call you friends.” Jn 15,15
Because by baptism  “ we have become the same being with Christ.” Rm 6,5.
Because baptism makes us share in Christ’s saving action at work today.
Because it is not by the sacrament of ordination but by baptism 
that we become other Christs capable of acting “in persona Christi.”
Because we are all called, all sent, all priests. 
 “Behold I do new things. Indeed you shall see them.”  Is 43,19.

                                                              Jo Bock  7,11, 2012.

Bridget Mary's Response:
I agree with Monsignor Leonard that the clerical model of priestly ministry is dysfunctional and dying. The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests is not interested in hierarchy, prestige or power over others . We are  following Jesus' example of Gospel equality. 
At Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community, we gather weekly around the table in a large circle. In this community we have women priests, married priests and community members lead liturgy. Each week we have dialogue homilies in which all are welcome to participate and the Eucharistic Prayer is recited by the community. 
Bridget Mary Meehan and Carol Ann Breyer at Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive
Catholic Liturgy in Florida

We are one with our Sisters and brothers in the communities of faith where we are located. ARCWP does not make decisions for our communities. All our grassroots communities are independent and inclusive.  In my community, Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community in Florida, everyone is invited to meet, discuss and to make decisions together on ministry priorities, budget, planning, social events etc. Like Monsignor Leonard, we believe that all are called, all are chosen by their Baptism to serve and use their gifts for the building up of the Body of Christ. 
left to right,  Diane Dougherty ARCWP, Kay Akers, ARCWP Support Member,
Katy Zatsick, ARCWP with hat on, Janice Sevre-Duszynska, ARCWP
at SOA Vigil demonstrating for the Closing the School of the Americas
 Our ARCWP mission is to promote a discipleship of equals among ourselves and with all those with whom we serve.
ARCWP Priest Janice Sevre-Duszynska and Jesuit Bill Brennan
at SOA Vigil
 Ordaining women is not about stepping  into clericalism but rather is an initiative to reflect the feminine face of God, the face of compassion and justice for those who are excluded and rejected by the institutional  church.
 Women Priests are reclaiming our baptismal equality and affirming that everyone is chosen by God, everyone is the beloved of God. We share our giftedness, brokeness and belovedness in mutual service of the kindom where all are one in the community of creation. 
Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP,

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