Monday, September 1, 2014

Time for Equal Expression of Divine by John Chuchman

The Divine Feminine

buried alive for millennia
with undiminished potency
is rising from the shadows
radiating into every arena
of human experience.

Not simply as an alternative
to a masculine hierarchical model of holiness
but as an Equal Expression
of the ineffable,
the Divine Feminine
is about Embodiment
Immanence (not transcendence)
Incarnational Spirituality.

The Divine Feminine
is the felt experience of the Sacred
in Nature,
in Relationships,
in Community,
in Peace and Justice,
in Art,
in Love.

Rather than vertical ascension
up and out of the world,
the Sacred Feminine
celebrates the body
and its Interdependence
with all things.

The Divine Feminine
wields not a sword,
but rather
needed now
more than ever.

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