Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community Priesthood Saturday, October 25 2014 Imogene & Michael Rigdon Presiding Janet Blakeley, Music Minister

From left to right: Katy Zatsick, Kathryn Shea, Sally Brochu, Bridget Mary Meehan, Janet Blakeley, Marilyn Jenai, Sherry Robertson, ARCWP priests, ordinands and support community from MMOJ gathered to reflect on  Unit of Preparation for Ordination. Sally and Janet will be ordained deacons on Nov. 1st at St. Andrew UCC at 2:00 PM 

Opening Prayer: Let us pray: O God, your people gather with hopeful hearts.We gratefully acknowledge that you call all of us, through our priesthood of the people of God, to minister to those in need. And we thank you for those you call to ministry and leadership without regard to gender, marital status, or sexual orientation. May we all be faithful to our call to ministry. May the universal Church accept and support the ministry of all those you call. In Jesus’ name we pray. All: Amen

Sally Brochu shared with community that her call to ordination is rooted in her baptism and is a call to live justice for women in the church today. 

Mary Al Gagnon proclaimed the First Reading

Michael  Rigdon, a married priest, presided at liturgy

Imogene and Michael Rigdon, a married priest couple co-presided at liturgy at MMOJ  today and led a dialogue homily on how we celebrate Eucharist  as a gifted community, all of whom are called to live their baptism  fully  in loving service. 

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