Monday, October 20, 2014

St. Andrew UCC, Sarasota Celebrates October Fest/"God Laughing Out Loud"

"In the beginning God enjoyed herself. She laughed out loud and laughed some more because it was good. She sat back and smiled.  She clapped her hands in glee...She did nothing but enjoy and it was everything...:Light years later, when creation came into being and people began to toil and sweat their way, she noticed that her first principle had been replaced by work and pain. So she sent a reminder of her legacy. She gave it several names: celebration, recreation, fun, pot luck dinners, fellowship. Some thought it was a vestige of days gone by. But God knew it was the real thing.  She called it salvation. " Mary Hunt,, "God Laughing Our loud"  Concilium International Journal for Theology,2000/4)

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