Sunday, December 14, 2014

ARCWP and MMOJ Learning and Sharing Faith Group

From left to right: Sherry Robertson, Marilyn Jenai, Katy Zatsick, Bridget Mary Meehan, Sally Brochu
On Dec. 13, 2014, our group met to share on our thinking about and experiences of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We began our time with a mediation from Delighting in the Feminine Divine. We discussed a unit from the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests' Preparation Program on The Spirit of God. One of the major points was our understanding of the theology of  God and the importance of not putting God in a box.  It is important to use a wide variety of images for God including feminine metaphors which are in the bible, the mystical tradition of the church and from contemporary experience. We agreed that we have definitely gone through a transformative process not only in our beliefs, but in our experiences and that this influences our ministry in a discipleship of equals. The session lasted close to 2 hours. 
From left to right:Sherry Robertson, Marilyn Jenai, Katy Zatsick, Janet Blakeley and Sally Brochu

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