Sunday, December 14, 2014

Rejoice, God Is Forever LovingThrough Us-Our Greatest Gift

At the Sisters for Christian Community Assembly in 2014, the theme was "Energizing the Sister Within.
Although I could not attend, I was blessed by the "All-in -All -that all may be one, newsletter.
The first speaker was Sister Karol Jackowski, SFCC who presented "Seven Ways to Bring Joy to the World"
1. Be picky about what we think.
2. Think of everything as holy. 
3. Be for something without feeling against anything else.
4. Help others (and ourselves). Die happy.
5. Share the solidarity of sisterhood
6. Be extra kind to strangers.
7. Cultivate a Divine Sense of Humor. 

(Live love, do not be afraid, you can't be more loving than God.)

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