Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests(ARCWP) Videos and Stills of Historic Ordination of Priest, Rita Lucey, and Deacons Jim Marsh, Kathryn Shea, Mary Catherine White

Blessing of Deacons
Deacons Receive the Gospel
Presentation of Deacons to Community
Blessing of Ordinands by Community
Bishop Bridget Mary Blesses Ordinands With Community 
Newly Ordained Priest Rita Lucey Offers Communion
Deacons: "Let Our Service Begin" 

Seth Winners

Jim Marsh and Elena Gracia
Kathryn Shea and Stephen Winners

Mary Catherine White and Terry Urekew

All videos and photos above may be linked and or downloaded and used by the public. Please credit that they are from ARCWP/
Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests/Bridget Mary Meehan's blog

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