Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"God Did Not Kill Jesus on the Cross for Our Sins" by Mark Sandlin

"Jesus died on a cross to show us what love looks like in action.Sin is any action which separates us from God. The actions that separate us from God are unloving actions. Jesus came to teach us that the Law was designed to help us avoid those kinds of unloving actions. He also came to show us what the fullness of love looks like in action.
... It looks like a man, hanging from a tree, because the threat of death from the most powerful government on the face of the planet was not enough to subdue his love for those who were being taken advantage of. Did Jesus die to save us from our sins? ... Jesus’ death showed us how far love will go, what love looks like when it is played out to its fullest. And it showed us that, if we truly choose to follow, it can save us from our sins."

Bridget Mary's Response:
A powerful meditation on Jesus who lived the fullness of God's love for all especially the disinfranchised, rejected, the least and the last. When we look at the cross, we see the fullness of love in action. So today, when we look at our lives do we see the fullness of love in action?

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