Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Book: What Shall I Call You, Father Aunt Mary?", A Must Read by Mary Bergan Blanchard, ARCWP

What Shall I Call You, Father Aunt Mary?
by Mary Bergan Blanchard
In her memoir eu'lo.gy, Blanchard wrote, "The greatest sin of the Catholic Church is its failure to treat women as equals." In 2014, at age 82, contrary to 'males-only' church law, Blanchard was ordained a Catholic woman priest. She states, "Rebelling for its own sake is silly, a waste of time, but gender inequality with its catastrophic results must go. We women priests have taken a major step by leading the church, not leaving it."
Bridget Mary's Response:
 Have you ever wondered what it is really like to be a woman priest? What are the questions that people really ask? Mary Blanchard is witty and wise.  I just ordered Mary Blanchard's new book and am looking forward to reading it. A great story-teller, Mary connects with her readers in a down to earth way. I am sure this book will be both inspirational and a fun read! Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP, www.arcwp.org

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