Thursday, August 6, 2015

"The Papacy" by John Chuchman, History Most Catholics Don't Know

The Papacy

with its claim that
the Pope is the vicar of Christ
was not original to
the early Jesus movement
that was morphed into church.
The belief that
Peter the Apostle
was the first Pope
is wrong.
The Papacy
took form
in the fifth century
under Leo I,
Bishop of Rome,
trained in Roman Law,
who simply took
the titles and majestic claims
developed by Emperor Augustus
and applied them
to himself in Peter’s name.
Peter had nothing to do with it.
and others
simply transferred Roman ideas
of imperial power
to the function of Pope.
Popes still claim the title
Supreme Pontiff.
The monarchical papacy
that resulted from the expropriation of
Roman Imperial pomp
is heretical
to the Jesus story.

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