Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Why the Catholic Church Needs a Vatican 11 Rite"

“despite Pope Francis’ growing reputation as a progressive, he has not conceded an inch on female ordination, saying in 2013: “The church has spoken and says no. That door is closed.”
(I guess the door is also closed on contraception. “Verbotten” to do or speak about it?)
Pope Francis is locked into the idea that ROMAN RITE = Catholicism. We need Vatican II Rite Catholicism which can and would include women’s ordination…just as Eastern Catholic Rites in union with Rome allow priests to marry.
The article below is example of why the Catholic Church needs a Vatican II Rite.  This would be in Catholic Tradition beginning with the divergent paths of Peter and Paul in Acts of the Apostles regarding direction the Church should take.
BISHOP BRIDGET MARY is not a “self-proclaimed” bishop!  It’s just that the ROMAN RITE Catholic Church does not recognize her as a bishop…similar to the way the Roman Rite took several centuries to recognize Eastern Rite Catholicism in its theological, liturgical and governance differences from the Rome.

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