Friday, October 16, 2015

ABC 4 Utah: "Utah to get its first Woman Catholic Priest"

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - The Roman Catholic Women Priests Association is in Salt Lake City for The Parliament of the Worlds Religions. While here they also plan to ordain Utah's first woman Catholic priest. The only issue is the Vatican does not recognize any women priests, deacons, or bishops.
Bridget Mary Meehan is a Bishop with the organization who is in town for the events. She believes they are helping the church by going against its wishes.
"In order to change an unjust law you must break it," said Meehan.
She said they have over 200 women priests serving around the world, but it has caused those in the organization to be excommunicated.
The woman being ordained in Salt Lake City Sunday is Clare Julian Carbone, and said she is having mixed emotions about it.
"The repercussions of being part of that movement there is a lot of suffering that goes with that, but there is a lot of joy with breaking open that potential."
Women said even though they are excommunicated they still preach the religion in an effort to make changes. Some feel it's already making a difference.
"Right now in the Vatican they are contemplating ordaining women deacons because they are taking a step towards women's equality," said Meehan. "I think it's because our women priest movement has led the way."
During the first day of The Parliament of the World's Religion the organization held it's first ever Women's Assembly. The women's priest association says they were inspired to see so many strong women from religions around the globe. They hope their actions will help transform other religions to have a bigger role for women.
"It's very exciting and joyful to be part of a movement that is really trying to bring renewal to the church," said Carbone.
Once she is ordained Carbone said she plans to continue her work with the interfaith community around Utah.
We did reach out to the Catholic Diocese in Salt Lake for comment, but were not able to get ahold of them.

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