Thursday, October 15, 2015

Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake, City Utah: Some Photos and Highlights

Approximately  seven thousand people attended the  Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City on  Oct, 15, 2015.

Clare Julian Carbone, who will be ordained a priest on Sunday, Oct. 18th at First Methodist Church in Salt Lake City, Janice Sevre Duszynska, Diane Doughtery and I participated in the  Inaugural Women's Assembly, which was the first in the history of the Parliament.

I presented two workshops: "to Leave or not to Leave" and Reclaiming the Divine Feminine.

Janice and Diane share our brochures and press releases with many of the participants while I participated in the first panel discussion. Kate  Kelly, the first women excommunicated by the Mormon Church, shared her journey to lead a movement for gender equality in her denomination.
At the conclusion, I showed Women Spirit Rising and the entire assembly stood , sang and swayed to the music.

See photo of Janice and Diane holding banners in English and Spanish.

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