Monday, November 9, 2015

Morning Prayer, Coffee with Christ- Sophia, Holy Wisdom, Embraced in Love and Embracing in love

I begin my day with coffee in the presence of Christ, Sophia, Holy Wisdom
I am mindful of Divine Mystery embracing me and all in infinite, boundless love.
I am conscious that my family, friends, communities, all those who are suffering and working for justice in our church and world are held  in the embrace of the Holy One.
All are being loved , forgiven,  healed and transformed.
I believe that divine love is within us and all around us everywhere.
Love is dynamic, overflowing and illuminating our lives- even in the messes and darkness that we encounter. 
A beautiful image that I treasure is the 
 Cosmic Dance of Divine love---  always holding us, filling us,
walking on water with us each day -  no matter where the journey takes us!

When people ask me to pray for them, and sometimes, I have a long list,
I hold them in God's loving, healing embrace and trust that 
all shall be well. 

I try not to  tell God how to fix things these days, although some days I am really tempted to give some suggestions! 

 I  affirm my  loved ones who have crossed over into Infinite Love.
In faith, I see them as peaceful and  joyful beyond imagination.
i am aware of my oneness with them in deep peace and joy, spiritually connected forever.

I  believe in the communion of the saints This is my greatest comfort in dealing with their losses in my life.. In the Celtic understanding, there are 'thin times and places, where this world and heaven embrace. In the sacred space we are spiritually connected forever. 
Bridget Mary Meehan, ARCWP,

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