Sunday, November 8, 2015

What if everyone started behaving like Jesus? by John Chuchman

So refreshing,
so human,
so real,
a feisty, earthy, gutsy,
passionate man,
this guy, Jesus.

He used spit and dirt to heal,
weeps openly,
raises havoc,
and makes merry.

He tells the Truth
when it is risky,
complains when friends disappoint,
leaves when people harass him,
loves it when a woman fusses over him.

He expresses anger,
calls people names,
silences them with witty retorts,
even uses physical force
to clean the temple.

Nice, accommodating,
always smoothing things over?
Not this guy.

He defied authorities,
broke rules,
addressed women in public,
teaching them, mingling with them,
even depending on them.

Is it any wonder
they killed him;
What if everyone started behaving
like Jesus!

And he never asked to be worshipped,
only emulated.

Is it any wonder
today's Hierarchs
cannot handle us
behaving like Jesus.

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