Monday, December 21, 2015

An Encounter with the "Joy of God" Laurie, A Homeless Woman with Disabilites in Sarasota, Florida

Laurie, known as" Cookie"  and I had lunch today in McDonald's 
Today, I met a woman in a wheelchair sitting outside McDonald's. I stopped and invited her to join me for lunch. Laurie, known as Cookie ( she loves ginger snaps) has suffered seizures and was homeless for 3 days. She cannot use her left hand. 
As I listened to her life -story of physical suffering and loss, I was deeply touched  by her joy. During one of her seizures, Cookie told me that she went to heaven and met her loved ones. Her Dad  told her it was not her time and her work in this life was not complete. 
Now she is on her way to the Salvation Army and at the end of the month,  her disability check will come in and she hopes to settle into a new place.
May our sisters and brothers who are  homeless be blessed by our loving support, and may we open our hearts to the gifts they bring to us!

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