Monday, December 21, 2015

"The Glory Of Us All" by Sister Joan Chittister, from her book In Search of Belief

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"I believe that in the humanity of Jesus lies the glory of us all. 
If Jesus is the Breath of the Spirit, if the Spirit can work through the
 humanity of Jesus, then the Spirit can work through our humanity, 
as well.

The Jesus who was “conceived by the Holy Spirit” not only reminds us 

of the Spirit within but shows us the character of the life 
we shape by opening ourselves to the impulse of God who, daily, leads us
 beyond ourselves. As Jesus responded to the Spirit in his own life, so we
 realize, can we. As Jesus was formed by it, we now know we are. 
The awareness of the Spirit within us is the awareness of the Cosmic,
 created by God and embodied in Jesus.

The Spirit opened Jesus to a world beyond his own. The Spirit does

 the samefor us, if only we allow ourselves to become bigger 
than the limitations of a humanity in which the divinity has 
never been unleashed. 
We tie ourselves to the religions of the world: to national 
chauvinism, to religious intolerance, to racist conclusions
 and sexist structures and call it fidelity to the law of God. 
But all the while, the conception of Jesus leads us to
 reach out to the Samaritan Woman, the Roman soldier,
 the needy in our midst, where the  Holy Spirit is also working, 
also struggling to bring life to the full.

The conception, the impulsion, the kindling of Jesus 

by the Spirit of the Holy calls us to become less concentrated 
on sin and more on grace, less concerned with the restrictions 
of law and more with the limitless possibilities of love,
 less obsessed by the limitations of being human more in awe of its potential. 
It is humanity that is the womb of the divine in us."

excerpted from In Search of Belief by Joan Chittister (Liguori)

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