Thursday, December 17, 2015

Two Books on Women in the Bible: "Lovers, Tricksters, and Victims" Women in the Bible/US Catholic, and Praying with Women of the Bible by Bridget Mary Meehan

Enjoy two books on Women in the Bible!
Meet spirited, compassionate and courageous women who have left us a legacy of faith and inspiration that will help you grow in your personal relationships with God and with others. These women heroines from the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures provide us with wisdom for our journey in the 21st century. They are gutsy and strong, passionate and loving, women truth tellers and justice doers. This rich source of inspiration by Bridget Mary Meehan presents the stories of twenty of these women- along with discussion questions, prayer experiences, and reflections- to help you heighten your spiritual growth. Perfect for either individual prayer and/or bible study groups, or small faith communities.

New Book:
"After the birth of Jesus, three wise men came to visit him carrying gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The story is more than familiar. The scene is immortalized in art, folktales, and even the crèches under our Christmas trees.
The Bible says Herod sent the wise men (Matt. 2:1–12). But the story never actually states that there were three magi. It does say, however, that there were three gifts.
If we’re missing the details of one of the most often-repeated stories in the Bible, what else are we getting wrong?
T.J. Wray, an associate professor of biblical studies at Salve Regina University, has devoted her life to writing about those overlooked details of the Bible. “The more I learn, the more I love what I do,” Wray says. “I like to think that I make a difference.” 
Much of her work has centered on telling the story of biblical women. Her book Good Girls, Bad Girls: The Enduring Lessons of Twelve Women of the Old Testament (Rowman & Littlefield) explores the stories of women such as Ruth, Rebekah, and Tamar. Wray has just finished a second volume, Good Girls, Bad Girls of the New Testament: Their Enduring Lessons, which will be published in March 2016. Both books examine biblical women in a new light and suggest lessons for modern readers...."

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