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Olga Lucia Alvarez Benjumea, ARCWP Her Journey to Bishop as a Reaffirmation of Renewed Priestly Ministry

My priesthood *
When I was called by the Ruah, to exercise the priestly ministry, my question was always: why me? It challenged me and made me think: "do not call you the Ruah, you're calling yourself", Said y / y; "You're looking for power," "you're just looking for an altar" Said another / a. "If you Will Become" Cardenala "will not have my submission and my obedience," Said someone else. Another: "You are very maternalist, and grandecitas us and we need you to look after us, vigiles and controls." "We Have not matured yet, no consensus yet, we need bishop," Said another. The election process is in question, you are Asked to turn back. , Although it is wanted, this is impossible, Have Been Followed international standards, at the Annual Meeting, the voting rule has-been approved in Assembly.
In the above questions, you note Clearly, we still need to assimilate what a Renewed priestly ministry of the Church. Still exudes the fear of repeating a patriarchal-sexist priestly ministry. It is something That is obvious and unavoidable yet.Rev Janice S. presenting Olga Lucia Alvarez
The Rev Janice Makes the presentation of Olga Lucia
                                                 to the Assembly
Thanking after the presentation to the Assistant Community.
Appreciating the presentation to the Assistant Community.
Prostration before the Divinity
          Prostration before the Divinity
Several biblical texts, I sprang to Reflect and pray. The text of Samuel 1: 3 and then a thought WHO called me?  Matthew 4:19. "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men"  Santa Laura Montoya almost HAD Problems with this text, as she said: "I have thirst men". Language and linguist, not always manifest what we mean, and less when it Lacks an inclusive language: I have thirst to make free men and women, to discover as I Have Been doing, how the Presence of the Divine love is doing wonders in each of us / you, Luke 1: 46-56 Despite Our ​​baseness and human condition.
Imposing the oil on His Head.
       Imposing the oil on His Head.
Also I HAD my doubts, my fears, run the risk of loneliness, fear of Being Criticized by Those Who Claimed to be my friends. You feel the threat in the air, you're alone and abandoned as and're in accept That "niche". This is what I felt and what I have lived in Original months, During and choice.
Presiding Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan imposes hands.
Presiding Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan imposes hands.
The co-celebrant Bishop Dana Reynolds Sibyl laying hands.
The co-celebrant Bishop  Dana Reynolds Sibyl laying hands.
Juanita Lamb, Mary B and sisters lay hands
Juanita Lamb, Mary B and sisters lay hands
Why I Agreed to be ordered? To announce the Good News " . The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, Because He has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to September at Those Who are oppressed liberty "Luke 4:18.
The laying on of hands and the Community clergywomen
Laying on of hands of clergywomen and the Community, Dorothy, Mary T and Janice.
Another text the  "yes"  of Mary priestly. And coming to her and I said:
"Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with you". ... ..The Angel said:. "Fear not, Mary, for You have found with God please You will conceive and bear a son and you will name him Jesus He will be great and will be called Son of the Most High. ; The Lord God will give him the throne of David His father, and I Shall reign over the house of Jacob for ever and his reign will have no end "...... ...
Said Mary, "I am the handmaid of the Lord; cúmplase Me What You Told Me." Luke 1: 26-38
Book imposition of the Altar.
                           Book imposition of the Altar.
Whenever esta message of Divinity has-been very strong in me and I felt a fullness, impossible to Explain, Especially When I Have Been Able to apply not only in myself, but in my sisters / os, need / as oppressed / ace and excluded / ace. Is not this the never lose the joy of the Gospel That "fills the heart and the Entire life of Those Who are with Jesus"? (Evangelium gaudium 1).
Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan delivers the Book of Altar.
Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan delivers the Book of Altar.
It is the  "yes"  of Mary, Who Gives meaning to my priestly ministry. It is felt That the "yes" of Mary, we must claim it. She is the forgotten priest ... who wanted to hide, covering gold, adorned With Jewels, scepter and crown adorned With very high gems, at altars in niches locked away from His people. I remember an experience I lived and met in Barbacoas-Nariño, on the banks of river Telembí, a mining town, rich in gold and very poor. One night, co-San Dimas, stripped of all those ornaments Mary, and the village women, When They Realized His comment was "now the Virgin Mary has Become like us."
What makes me accept the reaffirmation of my priestly ministry? 
The need, lived and felt a pastoral and human close. The acceptance and love of the Communities in Which I Have Been serving in Their offices or house Church (Chapinero Bogota, Soacha, Barranquilla, Cali (Valle) (Neighborhood Polvorines), women punished Medellin and Antioquia post-Asfaddes- missing relatives), and other WHO groups aspire to be treated like Popayan (Cauca) and Cañasgordas (Antioquia) Who Have Expressed His request for my ordination. I still remember after 5 years, (Sarasota, December 11/10) in carrying out the liturgy of the day, echoing and following the ritual of the Roman Pontifical, ACCORDING to the Norms of Vatican II (cf. SC 76) enacted in 1968 in the typical first edition With the title of the organization of deacon, priest and bishop:
That On occasion the Master of Ceremonies (Rev Judy Lee) Begins the ritual calling:
"MC (Master / or Ceremony): Approach The Candidate Who Will be ordained presbyter.
  • Olga Lucia Álvarez Benjumea: Here I am.
.: MC Bishop, the Holy Mother Church ASKs That orders to this our sister presbyter.
Bishop: Do you know if it is worthy?
MC: In the review of Those Who have, after consulting the Christian people, testified That Has Been Deemed worthy. "
Why I accept the reaffirmation my priesthood?
In my service ministry announcing the Good News
In my service ministry announcing the Good News
DESPITE my doubts and fears, I felt the Divine force Through the Communities that I Accompany, support of MOST of my sisters / os priests / as; your phone calls, your staff communications and conversations ... Were present.
Receiving the staff of the unit and service
Receiving the staff of the unit and service
With God's strength is that I want it and I dare to Encourage the growth of the Church Through faith and Christian values ​​from gospel Teachings on justice and equity, inclusive and true way, expanding the priesthood as service, from church.
People celebrating With the Church of God in our ministry reaffirmation of service.
People celebrating With the Church of God in our ministry reaffirmation of service.
Support the participation of lay people in Their Communities, as well as Indicated in the ritual of the Roman Pontifical, Both for ordination to the diaconate, presbyterate and episcopate, Where They Were Given the authority to be Consulted, so there you go creating and give Those spaces. The priesthood and Its reaffirmation (diaconate, priesthood, episcopate) is not an honor, it is a service That is rendered to the Church and as well Hilario says "the ears of the people are higher than the mouth of priests" (1)
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What for?
It's time to empower = Encourage, Stimulate, Respecting the service of the laity, based on the charisms and spiritual gifts received, Recognizing fertility and Responsibility of His apostolic service in the Church, breaking With the clericalism, so That they / ace Actively Participate in the announcement of the Good News. Is that empower service in power. And no empowerment in power not to serve.
Bishops / as the voice of the laity do feel Should Actively in the elections and ordinations of Deacons / as, priests / as ...
They are they / as WHO Should Have deliberative voice in regard to the liturgy, catechesis and Concerning the organization of the Church.
Are they / as Those Who make us the demand for our services and teach us the power That Can not Be Concentrated in one person in any ecclesial instance.
Are they / as, Those Who build, live and make us vibrate in the sense of Church.
Are they / as Who should handle transparency ecclesial decisions, Avoiding any secrecy and insider management, Especially in economic and administrative matters of pastoral planning.
It is They Who teach us to live and do community sisterhood.
. Ecclesiology from Latin America. Victor Codina sj page 75.
Let me Divine Essence of Love, Peace and Reconciliation clamarte:
"Take away esta cup from me, yet not my will but Thine" Luke 22:42
I thank Those Who Have Believed in me, your vote and confidence. I thank Those Who Have Questioned and indeed Reflect, About what we do not want our priestly ministry. All this has Brought Me Closer to the Divine, and an alarm is always on alert.
Left co-celebrant Bishop Bernard Callahan, Elders and community celebrants ARCWP
Left co-celebrant Bishop Bernard Callahan, celebrants and Elders of the community ARCWP
* Note That do not use the word bishop / a, word esta Because over the years (centuries) have lost the original meaning STIs, with a service in the first Christian Communities Were called, like episkopé or episkopo, becoming a sign of hierarchical and clericalized power, vertically, and not circulate, as has-been shaping up in our movement towards a change and Renewed priestly ministry in the Church, we not yet Perfected model, but we move on Through ups and downs.
- The Bible.
- Richard Montes: Mary, priest forgotten. Imp. US March 21, 2015
- Ed Roman Pontifical. 1a.1968
- Victor Codina SJ ecclesiology from Latin America. Ed-Verbo Divino 2008
- Personal experience unedited.
* Roman Catholic presbyter.
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