Saturday, April 2, 2016

Woman Priest Georgia Walker, ARCWP Peace Activist, Receives Highest Award from Peace Works, Kansas City


Georgia Walker rejoices at receiving the highest PeaceWorks honor, the Bebb Award.
Bebb Award
Georgia Walker, a 2014-2015 member of the PeaceWorks board, received the organization’s highest award, the Charles E. Bebb Peace Merit Award. Walker has been arrested for civil resistance against the making of nuclear weapon parts in KC, and against drone warfare, and directs Journey to New Life, helping former prisoners find housing, jobs, rehabilitation, and health care.
Mountenay commented, "Heading up Journey to New Life: the perfect job for a jailbird!" Laughing, Walker said, "I’m finally off probation now, and ready for more resistance!" Mountenay continued, "It’s not enough to set captives free. Georgia makes sure they have the chance to live free."

The sisters of Troost: 50 years ago, Vatican II set nuns loose to raise ‘a light in the darkness’ Journey to New Life was co-founded by Georgia Walker 

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