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Women's Ordination Conference Report on Jubilee for Women Priests in Rome, Press Coverage List of Articles

Dear Bridget,

You did it!

Thank you to all of our amazing supporters who made the Jubilee for Women Priests an incredible success - filled with so many "firsts" for WOC! 

Whether you joined us in Rome, prayed in solidarity, or helped sponsor our actions with a generous donation, your support ensured our collective voices for women's equality in the Church were heard at the Vatican and around the globe. 

You can catch up on our extensive media coverage here, or listen to NPR's coverage
of the entire Jubilee.

Coinciding with the Vatican's Jubilee for Priests, our "Jubilee for Women Priests" offered a celebration of a renewed image of the priesthood -- one that is inclusive and welcoming of all people.

On June 1st we held a public forum on women's ordination with: Rev. Dana English, Fr. Tony Flannery, Dr. Marinella Perroni, and Jamie Manson at Casa internazionale delle donne, and later made headlines when two women priests met with an official of the Vatican's Secretary of State for a first-of-its-kind meeting. Additionally, for the first time, images of women priests by Italian artist Giulia Bianchi were legally posted throughout Rome by the city government with the hashtag #OrdainWomen.
Later that week, we held our first officially permitted witness for women's ordination at the steps of the Vatican, offering a visual guide to "opening the door" to women. The "Open the Door to Dialogue " phone booth was a big hit! Wearing our purple stoles -- the international symbol for women's ordination -- we walked the pilgrim's path to St. Peter's as the Jubilee Mass for Priests was underway.

View more photos from the events here.

Next week we are taking our voices for equality to Huntington Beach, CA -- where the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops will be meeting -- for a landmark witness and march for equality in the Roman Catholic Church. Together with our friends in the church-justice movement, we will speak out and pray that our Church become a truly inclusive and just place for the next generation of girls. 

Further details for "A Church for Our Daughters" events can be found here.  

Wherever you are in the world, please join us in solidarity by signing the declaration and joining us in prayer. Thank you for joining us in this important work!

For equality,

Kate McElwee & Erin Saiz Hanna
Co-Executive Directors

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"Imagine if a church of one billion people, with this charismatic, rock star pope, suddenly said to the world, that women are equal to men. Imagine the power that would have over cultures across the world, where this patriarchal idea of women's subservience to men is at the root of all that women suffer globally." - Jamie Manson 

"If the voices continue to be clear and loud and frequent, both by presence and by voice, I think this issue can continue to sink into the public consciousness. The traditional structures are going to have to break down in the next 10 to 20 years." - Rev. Dana English
Women's Ordination Conference, PO Box 15057, Washington, DC 20003

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