Monday, August 22, 2016

Jennifer Marie Marcus ARCWP Responds to Pope's Critique of Gender Theory
Jennifer Marie Marcus  ARCWP co-presiding at Call to Action Liturgy in Michigan

This is a classic example of the  21st century scientific ignorance of this pope and the RCC hierarchy per se  . I find this particularly astounding because  Francis allegedly was  schooled as a scientist, I guess he must have cut a lot of classes or he failed to take the courses or read the chapters on Human Embryology, Anatomy. and Biochemistry. . Relying on a cookie cutter approach based on an ancient metaphor of only two sexes i.e Adam & Eve coupled with the irrational Pope Paul VI Encyclical Humane Vitae against birth control and the anti feminist stand of the RCC gives rise to these  total nonsensical pontifications..  Because of the intricacies and timing of the development of a human fetus ;  one in every 2000 births there is some form impairment in sexual development .This is also true  in the animal kingdom. How does he ,and the RCC ,t ake into account  the existence of people like me who are intersex. People who are  LGBTIQ do not "choose "to be who they are they are born this way by their Creator in accordance with " Natural Law."  It's time the Vatican stop supporting the teaching of an ancient tribal God and metaphor with the mandate for  procreating the species with the likes of an  Adam & Eve. This kind of narrow minded toxic  irrational thinking enters and pollutes secular  cultures,institutions ,laws ,nations ,governments and other religions and  faith systems . The consequences are  the promotion  and inciting of fear, bigotry, discrimination, hate and violence and death  against an already  misunderstood and marginalized segment of the world population.
Jennifer Marie Marcus, ARCWP,

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Kathleen Kunster said...

I agree with you entirely. There are some priests and bishops who are better informed - but dare they speak up?