Friday, August 26, 2016

Olga Lucia Alvarez Benjumea ARCWP: Reflects on Baptismal Equality of Women
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I reflect and write mainly for myself.
I was thinking about; precisely the Jubilee Year, the Year of Mercy, decreed by Francisco. Yesterday, when finally I finished the story about "Pastoral and Solidarity with the post-you punished ..." two friendly comments that came to me, strengthen me what I've been thinking and I want to refer to it.
Until when will we keep saying that we are a sinners, prostitutes, (like the tattoo that have placed him Miriam of Magdala), ex-comulgadas, ex-drug addicts / as, ex-convicts, post-punished, homosexuals, lesbians , trans. ex-guerrilla, reinserted / o, etc, etc, etc?
Perhaps, my baptism, I will not dignify enough?
Perhaps, the death of Jesus, redeemed me?
Being a sinner, prostitute, post-punished, ex-convict, etc, etc, are stigmatizing words, discriminatory ... ..or is it has not been enough, that we had a Goel, a bondsman, who have already paid for us / you ?
Society punishes us, the ecclesiastical hierarchy condemns us. Although the debt is canceled, although the sentence is paid, we continue dragging without compensation, the "fault" of our mother Eve, gender discrimination, by the fact of being a woman.
I would, think and accept that the Company has more authority and exclusive ecclesiastical hierarchy of men, that merit and moral authority healing, renewing the sacrifice of the Cross and our baptism!
I keep renewing, as Maliho (malihorenovada) says, still looking, still feeling the blessings of the Divine Essence, that hugs me, kisses me and close to his heart, giving me, Peace, security, trust, re-emporandome in my Dignity as daughter / or Divinity.
No more, me you blame = chest beating.
Today I want to sing with joy, dancing. Vibrating drums, bass, bagpipes, maracas, accordion, guitar, harp, violin of my life!
My Baptism, Eucharist my, my ministry as presbyter, what else do I want? That's my Divine compensation, to always give thanks, bless and publicize the face of a Divinity made all mankind!
One last question: When we recognize us women, our baptismal dignity, society and the hierarchy?

* Roman Catholic presbyter.

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