Sunday, September 11, 2016

NO AL FANATISMO, NI RELIGIOSO, NI POLÍTICO. “perdonar 70 veces 7” Mateo 18:21-35. Olga Lucia Álvarez Benjumea ARCWP

Logo in Spanish I Prefer Peace, to reason, to Aristotelian logic! I'm not going to I'll try, I will not argue. I'm not going to get sick, I will build me, to make some sense into him. I will not go out of my house, or my family, or group A or B, because I do not agree that because they do not listen to me, because I marginalize. This is not for you, it's for me. You can read it if you want and if not well.
I will not violate the peace, or my country, or my family, or the groups to which I belong.
If you do not vote, this is going to go, I do not know what. If you vote, so and so, too. If you believe or not believe what he says and does not know who in religion, we are going to fall all Egyptian plagues. They'll excommunicate, you will take, you will marginalize.
But, then, who speaks of forgiveness and mercy?
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A manly hand, another female!
Beautiful is  the Mercy of God!
I am the daughter of a God, no memory! Someone asked him / her if he remembered my "sins" and sent me to say, "I remember nothing." He / She created me, love me, hug me, pamper me, protect me and does not destroy me. I who self-destroyed and / Her remake me again in His infinite love me! Because that's his mercy, he does not want "that not one be lost". Matthew 18:14. I'm there. And if you want, you can also enter.
You want to feel good? No juzqués not misunderstand, do not throw blame. Look first in the mirror, suddenly, is not that what you say, it's you and you have not noticed? Oh! God what to do? I got soap in my eyes and I can not see. Look no apologies.
If I shake the hand of the enemy, I become like him / her. I apologize if that's humiliate me, crush me, losing my dignity. If I forgive you too. So? Peace begins where? My peace? Seek peace you say? Reconciliation, mercy, where it is?
Sorry, Divine Essence, forget: "forgive 70 times 7" Matthew 18: 21-35. But is he who made it, pay! When are you going to start deleting those codes of behavior, stuck in your head? That this is so, for thus been a lifetime! For so I was taught, so I learned. Because that's my culture, this is my country, that's my religion! He says so and not so. It is that it has already changed, is that, is that, is that there and not go out.
Oh! Divinity, sorry, forgive me, I love you, thank you !!! I leave everything in your hands, I let go, I give all these codes that imprison me and deny freedom.
Now, if Divinity me loose, to dance, dance, move my shoulders, my waist, singing, open my arms and embrace, as you embraced me! Now and always!
"My peace I leave you, my peace I give you ..." John 14:27

 * Roman Catholic presbyter.

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