Thursday, September 22, 2016

Welcome to Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community, Sarasota, Florida

WELCOME to Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community.   

Here are some answers to questions often asked by visitors. 

* Co-presiders are usually an ordained priest and a community member.  

* Our liturgies follow the familiar two-part structure of the Catholic Mass.
The Liturgy of the Word: Readings are usually taken from the Lectionary, although other inspired sources are also used. The Gospel reading is followed by a “homily starter” which serves as an invitation to the community to share their thoughts on the topic.  

The Liturgy of the Eucharist:   This becomes a “family meal” as everyone is invited to stand around the altar and to take part in the Eucharistic Prayer, the Consecration, and Communion. Alcohol-free wine is used.   People may drink from the cup or dip their bread in the wine – whichever they prefer.

* We use inclusive language, referring to God by multiple names and avoiding gender-specific terms, oppressive/dominating terms, etc.   For a detailed explanation of inclusive language, see the handout on the Information Table.

* If you are visiting MMOJ for the first time, there will be an opportunity for you to introduce yourself near the end of the Liturgy.

Once again, WELCOME.   We are happy to have you join us!           

Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community

Mary Mother of Jesus Inclusive Catholic Community meets every Saturday at 4:00pm at 
St. Andrew United Church of Christ
6908 Beneva Road,
Sarasota, Florida 34238

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