Thursday, November 3, 2016

"Why Has the Pope Said No to Women Priests" CNN, What's up with Commission to Study Women Deacons?

Delia Gallagher:
"One, he subscribes to the Catholic Church's long tradition of male priesthood because Jesus chose men as his apostles and because of their theological understanding that a priest, "acts in the person of Christ," so must be male. This is what Francis was reaffirming by quoting St. John Paul II."
Bridget Mary's Response:
1.The Risen Christ chose Mary of Magdala to be the apostle to the apostles. Christianity is based on a belief in the resurrection of Christ According to all four Gospels, Mary of Magdala was the first to encounter the Risen Christ who called her to go and tell the good news -the job description of an apostle. Thus, there were more than 12 apostles. In addition, St. Paul refers to Junia, a woman, in Romans 16:7 as an outstanding apostle and mentor.
2. Galatians 3:28 reminds us that baptism makes us equal images of Christ. There is "neither male or female in Christ"
3. As members of the Body of Christ, we are called and empowered to   act in the person of Christ. 
4. To argue that a priest must be male to act in the person of Christ is sexist  and justifies discrimination against women in the church and society. It violates women's soul integrity as  images of God.
5. Pope Francis's statement puzzles me because he has commissioned a Commission to study women deacons. According to scholars there were thousands of women deacons in the early centuries of Christianity. If he opens door to women deacons, women priests are logically the next step. So my question is what's up, Pope Francis?

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