Thursday, January 19, 2017

Priests in Germany Demand End to Celibacy and Women Priests

Bridget Mary's Response: Let's hope that as more and more priests and bishops speak out, they will create a groundswell for optional celibacy and women priests. The Vatican's policy excludes women from decision making positions because they are not ordained, and they are not ordained because they are women. The Roman Catholic Church can no longer preach justice and practice injustice by treating women as second class citizens.The international Roman Catholic Women Priests is leading the Church toward gender equality, one woman priest and one inclusive community at a time! Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP,

Donna Rougeux, ARCWP with Lexington Inclusive Catholic Community

"Creating quiet a stir across Germany, a group of top ranking retired Catholic priests have written an open letter, requesting to put an end to celibacy. These 11 priests who were annointed in 1967 in Cologne have tried to throw light on the isolation faced by many priests.
“We believe that requiring every man who becomes a priest to remain celibate is not acceptable. We think, every Catholic should be allowed to choose if they would rather be celibate or not, regardless of whether they want to work as priests just like in the evangelical Church or the Orthodox Church,” said Franz Decker, one of the retired priest to Deutsche Welle.
“In the letter, they list a number of suggestions on how the Catholic Church could modernise itself to combat the fact that “questions of God are no longer relevant to many people in this country”. Including other demands seen as progressive bordering on radical by many within the church, such as lifting the ban on women as priests,” 

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