Thursday, March 16, 2017

Act for Social Justice Now, Oppose Repeal of Affordable Care Act- Support Expanded Care for All

From the Federation of Christian Ministries: 

Congressional committees are moving forward with a repeal of the Affordable Care Act.  The alternative plan has now been reviewed by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO).  Their analysis shows a result of millions of people losing their health care coverage in the near term (14 million) and in the longer term (24 million).  This is unacceptable.
Health care in 21st century America should be seen as a right and a duty.  It should be a right that our entire population be granted health care.  On any day any one of us could be stricken by a dread disease or a terrible accident.  At that moment health insurance allows for quick and effective action to save a life, a family and a family's economic survival.
This is a duty also.  In health insurance the danger is adverse selection.  That is, those who are healthy today try to opt out of coverage in order to save premium dollars.  Those who are older and more ill do not opt out, so their coverage is paid for by a smaller population.  This causes their costs to rise, driving them out of the market due to inability to pay.  They lose their coverage.  The duty is to join the ranks of the insureds so that the risk is spread across the entire population.  This enables all to afford coverage.
The Federation of Christian Ministries urges its members to reach out to each representative who represents you:  your congressperson, your two senators.  Demand that they protect us all by providing health care to save our lives and our economic future.  Allow those at the top of the economic scale to pay a greater burden of cost, so that those with little might have the protection good insurance provides.   Disallow the tax break for the top earning 450,000 households.
For many health care becomes a matter of life and death.  Our Christ-inspired convention of churches stands for life giving insurance coverage now and into the future.
FCM Executive Committee 
Tom Cusack, President
Tom Stricker, Chairperson
Susan Ross, Treasurer
Bill Appleton, Secretary
Suggestion:  Copy and past the following statement and send it to your representatives via email or mail.
Dear (Representative), the American Care Act is unacceptable to me. It takes insurance coverage from the poor and the older by the millions.
Please support expanded care for all.  As well as continued  support to Planned Parenthood.

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