Sunday, March 5, 2017

Archbishop of Tuam, Galway, Ireland Horrified by Discovery of Unmarked Graves of Infants/ My Response

Archbishop of Tuam ‘horrifie

“This points to a time of great suffering and pain for the little ones and their mothers. Albeit not unexpected, I was very upset as I read the commission’s findings made public on Friday,” he continued.
“I can only begin to imagine the huge emotional wrench which the mothers suffered in giving up their babies for adoption or by witnessing their death,” Dr Neary said.

Bridget Mary's Response:

I was born in Ireland and my relatives have shared sad stories of abuse  n these homes. I think we need to look at the role of the church in its teachings and practices.  
The Irish hierarchy was complicit in the horrific treatment of women who suffered in these abusive homes where babies died. Dr. Neary should have expressed sorrow for the bishops' failures to reflect Christ's compassion, and acknowledged the role that sexism played in this tragedy in Tuam.
Until the Vatican treats women as equals at the altar and in decision-making in the church, and until there is a healthy, life-giving theology of human sexuality, the people of God will continue to suffer. Theologians, like  Margaret Farley, Dominic Crossan, Elizabeth Johnson, and Mary Maloney have charted blessed new paths for growth in relationships that reflect Gospel values. 
Let us challenge our resistant hierarchy to follow the example of Jesus, and to hold the institutional church accountable for its  long history of patriarchal oppression. United in love and mutual respect, we the people, can transform our beloved community of faith, the Catholic church. 
Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP,

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