Friday, March 3, 2017

"Sixth Woman Human Rights Leader Murdered in Colombia", Olga Lucia Alvarez Benjumea ARCWP

Alicia López Guisao, a 32-year-old Chocoana, arrived in Medellín two weeks ago to advance logistics related to the Agrarian Summit and the Congreso de los Pueblos. But on Thursday motorcycle hitmen ended their life in the Olaya Herrera neighborhood.The crime was presented at 8:45 a.m. in a store in that neighborhood of the 7th commune of Medellin. According to witnesses, two men entered the shop and fired repeatedlyThe Congress of the Peoples issued a statement in which he regrets the crime. "With much sadness and indignation we received and transmitted the news of the murder of the companion Alicia López Guisao who accompanied the execution of the Cumbre Agraria and National Government project with Asokinchas, National Agrarian Coordinator in the department of Chocó," they said through their social networks .Lee: Every three days a social leader is killed in ColombiaThe organization had already denounced other acts against the lives of some members, highlighting the attack, on February 9 in Valledupar, against union leader Alfonso Baron, as well as the leaflets threatening Daniel Ulcue, peasant leader in the Municipality of El Tambo, Cauca.On February 11 Carlos Jair Trujillo was the victim of a firearm attack in the municipality of Agustín Codazzi, in the department of Cesar, when he was in his house and where the wife of the social leader was also injured.According to Marcha Patriótica, over 20 Colombian social leaders have been murdered during the year, including six women. "The social organizations attribute the attacks to paramilitary groups, but the government does not consider that the killing of social leaders is systematic or that it is not the work of paramilitaries, but rather blames those deaths for criminal gangs dedicated to drug trafficking," they said in a statement .In addition: Who is ordering to kill the social leaders in Colombia?The situation is of concern to the Victims Unit. Its director, Alan Jara, has repeatedly called on the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Public Force to investigate such cases."They are massacring social leaders; Their work is completely legal and from the state we must provide them with protection for their lives and integrity so that they can continue with the work they carry out daily, "he said.
A report from the Peace and Reconciliation Foundation published in mid-February reports that between January 1 and February 6, 2017, 12 social leaders were murdered in the country. Of these, two cases died in Antioquia.

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