Saturday, September 16, 2017

Council of Cardinals Says More Youth and Women Needed in Roman Curia, Liturgical texts could be updated to reflect contemporary theology and inclusive language

In his speech to the Curia Dec. 22, 2016, which is among the texts reflected on by the C9, Pope Francis said that when it comes to curial officials, “in addition to priests and consecrated persons, the catholicity of the Church must be reflected in the hiring of personnel from throughout the world.”
This “catholicity” must also be reflected in the presence of “permanent deacons and lay faithful carefully selected on the basis of their unexceptionable spiritual and moral life and their professional competence,” he said.
In this view, “it is fitting to provide for the hiring of greater numbers of the lay faithful, especially in those dicasteries where they can be more competent than clerics or consecrated persons.”
He also stressed that “of great importance is an enhanced role for women and lay people in the life of the Church and their integration into roles of leadership in the dicasteries, with particular attention to multiculturalism.”
My comment: The Roman Curia should embrace gender equality as a goal in all offices that govern the church.
In addition to curial personnel, the cardinals also discussed Pope Francis' recent motu proprio Magnum principium, which gave more power to local bishops in the translation and approval of liturgical texts, and its implications for the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.
My comment: The Liturgy needs to be updated to reflect contemporary theology.The present liturgical texts used in Eucharistic liturgies reflect medieval theology and exclusive language. We need to incorporate inclusive language and feminine images for the Holy One as well as to get rid of atonement theology. Our inclusive Catholic communities are incorporating updated liturgies and inclusive language. See link on blog for samples of inclusive liturgies.

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