Thursday, November 16, 2017

"Experience Your Divinity, Tap into Your Spiritual Power by Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP

Paul Smith, in his ground-breaking book, Integral Christianity, sums it up: "What do do when you have outgrown religion? Some become agnostics and atheists. Others keep going to templet, mosque, or church by checking their minds at the door and getting some nostalgia and comfort inside. An increasing number search out others religions or try a cafeteria-style, "I'm spiritual, not religious" assortment.  Many leave their religion but hang on to God. However, there is another option. Move to a higher stage of your own religion. This is what integral and beyond Christianity and church are all about for Christians- recognizing that wherever you are on the spiral of life, there is a way to follow Jesus at ever- higher levels... This is the escalator potential of all spiritual traditions. The traditional church believes in original sin. The post modern church believes in original goodness. The integral church believes in original divinity." p. 219, 217 

Roman Catholic Women Priests  are "movin on up " by  following the example of Jesus who called women and men to be his disciples in a companionship of equals. We are following God's call  today to get out of the boat and walk on water as we lead our church to a new model of discipleship rooted in Jesus' example of partnership. We trust Holy Wisdom guiding our steps as we serve  inclusive Catholic communities where all are welcome to receive Eucharist.

Unlike the traditional church who claims that priests have special powers to manifest divinity that ordinary people in the pews do not possess, we are changing the model from a hierarchical model to a circular model with shared homilies, all pray the words of consecration and  share in decision-making. The entire community celebrates liturgy, not the presider alone. 

I believe that each of us has all the spiritual power we need to do what Jesus did. He predicted we would do even greater things than he did because through the indwelling of Spirit, we are other "Christs"  divine daughters and  divine sons,  manifesting  the Holy One. in everything we do and say.

Like Jesus each of us is fully human and fully divine. Like Jesus, each of us is called to  love as God loves, to forgive as God forgives, to serve as God serves. 

One of my favorite scripture prayers is: " I can do all things in God who strengthens me." Over the years, I  have witnessed powerful community prayer where many little miracles of healing  bodies, minds and hearts happened.  (See some stories/examples in The Healing Power of Prayer, new and expanded edition)
As we move on up on the escalator, we  will experience, like Jesus, our divinity. In the embrace of boundless love, we tap into our spiritual power, and grace overflows like a river blessing us and all whom we are praying for beyond our wildest dreams. It is so much more than we can hope for or imagine!

Bridget Mary Meehan ARCWP

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Janet Blakeley said...

Reading this is like rising to the surface of a deep lake, bursting out above the water and breathing in the blessing of glorious fresh air!