Thursday, December 21, 2017

ARCWP-Colombia. FOUNDATION EMBROIDERED BY HAND in the Ninth of Aguinaldo.WITH CHILDREN. Olga Lucia Álvarez Benjumea *

Today we played the Fifth Day of the Ninth of Aguinaldo.
"There were shepherds in the same region who lived in the countryside and took care of the flocks during the night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them and said: "I bring you good news that will be a cause of joy for all the people" Luke 2: 8-10.
° God chooses to announce the new way of relating to humanity, the work place of the poorest group of Jewish society. From then on, the place to find God is the human reality, the whole human reality beginning with its place of work.
1.- What has daily life meant for you, especially the work place of every person, that is, the life that every human being carries? What value have you given him? do you see it as a worthless routine? Why? Do not you realize that it is there where the person receives what will mark her all her life?
2.- Illuminate this reflection with the word of the Lord:
Luke 2: 39-40 and 51-52
What kind of human life did Jesus have for 30 years?
What does the way Lucas describes, the ordinary and normal circumstances in which he lived it?
° How this illuminates what you have reflected. How the Lord reveals himself to you there. What lessons do you get to live and announce your faith?
3.- Community prayer.
Advent and Christmas, it is an invitation to change. If we change there will be no Christmas.
The parents got up early to the Foundation, to arrange the room and make the sancocho. There were 25 girls, 25 boys and two babies, accompanied by the grandmothers, and the mothers.

Socorro and Maria have not stopped working to get the sancocho ready.

On the street, the stove was improvised for the sancocho. Children, do not come here ...

It seems that lunch is already here!

Mom serving the lunches.

In the small room, we patiently wait.

Humm, how delicious we'll have custard and donuts.

Daniel, he wants to read the Novena, and he's happy to be able to do it.

Olga Lucia invites reflection :. Where were the shepherds, what were they doing?

Rosita, invites us to a game. "Tingo Tingo Tango".

All very rich. When do they give us the gifts?

Dieguito says: this is mine, what will it be? I open it or I keep it?

The best gift my sister!

Isabelita, do not lose opportunity to applaud. Is happy!

What happiness! and how attentive they are! What a trial, in such a small space.

Wow! We had not seen the colorful bombs on the roof!

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