Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests Press Release in Response to Vatican Statement on ban of women priests as "definitive" teaching. May 30, 2018
Despite Jesus’ example of Gospel equality, despite 1100 years of church history of women’s ordination, despite the growing acceptance of Roman Catholic Women Priests worldwide, the Vatican’s affirmation of its ban on women priests as “definitive” teaching  rests solely on patriarchal church authority. In doing so, it denies the workings of the Spirit within the People of God. 

On the 10thanniversary of the Vatican’s decree of the excommunication of women priests in the USA, the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests continues to rise up for justice and equality for women in the church and the world.  We are fully committed to continue ordaining women. Like women who roar for full human rights, our movement is growing with enthusiasm among Catholics in grassroots communities, especially with marginalized LGBTI and divorced , and all who seek a bigger table where God's beloved family gathers to celebrate sacraments and to serve their sisters and brothers in mutual love in a community of equals.  

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