Thursday, September 20, 2018

"Women Priests in Inclusive Communities" Christina Moreira ARCWP Will Be at Valencia University , Spain

"Women priests in inclusive communities" (La Nau, València, October 4)

Xarxa Cristiana, with the Debate Forum of the Universitat de València, once again tackles a "pointer" theme. Today, ecclesially we follow with interest the renewing impulse of Pope Francis, we also want to promote from the bottom processes of delericalization, not only theoretically, but also with concrete experiences that present us with a challenge, a reflection and a debate. Just as in Xarxa Cristiana there are experiences like diverse Christian communities of base, groups of women like Dones Creients, of seglares i rectors com el del Dissabte, renovating movements like MOCEOP ..., this time we present a personal and community experience with an International Association of Roman Catholic Presbyters. It is an experience more and it is not necessary to be in total agreement with it,
On October 4 we will have the opportunity to listen to Christina Moreira and debate with her on this topic. We wait for you.

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