Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Roman Catholic Women Priests Share Liturgy at Border of U.S. and Mexico in Solidarity with Migrants and their Children by Janice Sevre Duszynska ARCWP

On the part of the Americas called Mexico, the young man, about 19, stood with his crutches nearby. Like those of us from the North (called the USA), he had come to hear the music and song of the School of the Americas Watch Border Encuentro in Nogales. When the tambourines sounded amid voices ministering solidarity, the border walls shook and I witnessed his dark Jesus eyes break open like a Resurrection sunrise.

Then a wife and mother of three pleaded for the return of her husband abducted from their casa five months ago naming the abductors as the Mexican Marines. With guns manufactured in the US, they charged into the family’s home, a sacred nesting place filled with youngsters’ playful sounds.  Her story, she promises will continue…

Now an abuelita-grandma cries, groaning in memories, screaming for the body, the remains -- at least -- of her grandson, adrift in the squelching sands of the Sonora Desert. No one would dare to quiet her…

With our hearts fused into these remembrances, we began our Eucharist. Among the supporters of our movement were Jeannette Mulherin, Kay Akers, Nick De Los Reyes and Jack Wentland. Fidel blessed us with music and songs accompanied by Silvia Brandon-Perez who also recited poetry. Jane Via and I were joined by women priests Susan Dunn and Barb Mattus. Greg used his transcriber to read Jeremiah’s passage of Rachel “finding no comfort, for her children were no more.” In the Gospel we heard of Jesus welcoming the little children. Our closing prayer from Zechariah offered us a vision of safe city streets where children are laughing and playing…
Jane Via RCWP co-presides at Liturgy at Border

Photos from ANCLA Productions.

A  memorial to the teenager shot in the back many times for throwing stones at a border guard.

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