Thursday, November 29, 2018

"Say Yes", Advent Song by Bob Franke/YouTube

Say Yes
By Bob Franke

When the angel arrives there will be terror, but say yes
The sound of wings like the breaking of a mirror, but say yes
It will arrive where you’re little and you’re scared
It will lay claim to the things you’ve never shared
And though your heart and your soul are unprepared, say yes

And it may tear you from home and family, but say yes
It may demand you become a refugee, but say yes
And when you’re cold, and you’re hungry, and you’re poor
When you’re in pain in a room without a door
And when the angel returns and asks for more, say yes

Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with you
Worlds without end depend on you
Blessed is the one whom your bring forth
Who no one else can bring

When the legions of angels call you blessed, say yes
And were you faithful in each and every test? Say yes
And when they ask you in story and in song,
Were you upheld and protected all along?
Did the power of the spirit keep you strong? Say yes

I Am For You 
by Rory Cooney

There is a mountain, there is a sea.
There is a wind within all breathing.
There is an arm to break every chain.
There is a fire in all things living.
There is a voice that speaks from the flame:
I Am for You, I Am for You,
I Am for You is my name.

There was a woman, small as a star,
Full of the patient dreams of her nation,
Welcoming in an angel of God,
Welcoming in God’s bold invitation.
Let it be done, she sang, unto me:
I am for you, I am for you!
I am for you: let it be!

There was a man who walked in the storm,
Caught in between the waves and the lightning,
Sharing his bread with those cast aside,
Healing by touch the lost and the dying.
Sending us forth he says to his friends:
I am for you, I am for you,
I am for you to the end.

We are anointed servants of God.
We have been born again of spirit.
We are the word God speaks to the world,
Freedom and light to all who will hear it.
So let us be the word of our God:
I am for you, I am for you,
I am for you ever more.

There is a world that waits in the womb.
There is a hope unborn God is bearing.
Though the powers of death prowl the night,
There is a day our God is preparing.
Sing ‘round the fire to waken the dawn:
I am for you, I am for you!
I am for you: we are one!

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