Wednesday, February 26, 2020

"Come and See" Jesus- our Companion Invites Us into the Heart of Goodness - Ash Wednesday

In her new book, Jesus, Friend of the Soul, Joyce Rupp offers reflections for the Lenten season that invite us to respond to Jesus 'invitation: "come and see."

"By spending time with the qualities of Jesus, we are able to become more acquainted with his personal traits of goodness. We do so by going to where his Spirit stays- in the home of our hearts and in the larger dwelling place of the world. As our hearts ignite with a renewed desire to give ourselves more totally to the abiding love of Jesus,  we become credible invitations for others to come and see this divine Companion who enthralls us with his Beloved Presence. "

My Prayer:
Loving Companion, I open myself this Lent to go deep into my heart where you dwell in infinite goodness. May I let go of anything that prevents me from seeing , feeling, thinking or acting according to your Way of loving and serving. May I grow in kindness, compassion and joy in my thoughts, actions and ministry. Amen. 

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