Wednesday, November 25, 2020

A Thanksgiving Prayer Service- A Moment of Oneness and Blessing

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Wed. 1PM

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Unsplash- Jennifer Griffin

Berakah, The Blessing by Jan Novotka -shortened

We come with thankful hearts for eyes to see the beauty of our earth, for ears to hear laughter and music, for the smell of fresh-baked bread, for the embrace of family and friends, for the sweet taste of fresh cranberries and pumpkin pie and  for all the special gifts that we cherish, especially for one another and for all  who gather in person or in spirit around our table on Thanksgiving Day.

We celebrate this  holy meal in memory of Jesus who gathered with his friends 

spoke the blessing, broke the bread and shared the cup with them saying: 

Whenever you remember me like this, 

I am among you. 

So too, with Jesus, in our midst today, we share this festive meal on Thanksgiving Day with hearts filled with gratitude.  ( from Bridget Mary Meehan)


Prayers for the World 
We bring to this circle our intentions:

- For Joe and Kamala, our newly elected U.S. leaders, and the team they will bring together to unite us in ‘creating a more perfect union’  

- For those who exercise leadership roles in all faith traditions ….

- For those who are infected by COVID-19 and their care-givers as well as those who are researching a vaccine and cure

- For all those who are unemployed and underemployed, for migrants and refugees ….

- For those who work to promote justice by eradicating sexism, racism, and discrimination of every kind ….

- For an end to the “arms race” and peaceful ways to resolve conflicts among nations…

- And for what else should we pray (unmute to be heard, then please mute again) 

O Holy One, you know our needs before we even speak. Yet, we must speak, if only to remind ourselves of our responsibility to care for the least among us. With your grace, may we act justly and love tenderly in addressing the needs of our world, and may we walk humbly on our mother, the Earth all the days of our lives. AMEN (from Jim Marsh)

America the Beautiful

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