Sunday, May 30, 2021

U.S.Bishops Proposed Vote to Prohibit President Biden from Receiving Communion is Wrong because it "Weaponizes" Eucharist as a Political Tool, and Fails to Reflect Jesus' Open Table

 When U.S. Catholic bishops hold their annual meeting next month, bishops plan to vote on pressuring President Biden to stop taking Communion, excluding him from his church's "source and summit of Christian life." The Vatican disagrees. So do I. So do many Catholics!

Vatican Media Handout

My Response: No member of the hierarchy has the power to ban anyone from receiving Communion. Jesus invited everyone at the table including the outcastes of his time. The U.S. bishops, who support this prohibition, do not reflect Jesus' all-embracing love.  I believe Jesus would weep. Bridget Mary

Faithful America Statement and Petition:

"If this right-wing hit job proceeds, it will be in spite of the Vatican warning against the inevitable divisions. It would also be just for show: Washington's Cardinal Wilton Gregory has made it clear he will not deny Biden Communion, proving the vote's only point is to send a partisan signal.

Fortunately, several dozen bishops have signed a letter protesting the vote. San Diego's Robert McElroy has been perhaps the most vocal, arguing that exclusion from Communion is "the wrong step," especially while ignoring the "intrinsic evil" of racism: "The Eucharist is being weaponized and deployed as a tool in political warfare. This must not happen."

Despite these pleas, the bishops' conservative leaders are moving ahead with their anti-Biden crusade, prioritizing cheap political points over spiritual grace. They're ignoring Pope Francis's advice rather than following his pastoral example, and they need to hear from grassroots Catholics and other Christians who are outraged at this weaponization of worship."

Tell the bishops' conference: Don't politicize Holy Communion. Cancel your anti-Biden vote >>

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