Monday, June 28, 2021

Living our Baptismal Promises of Priesthood by Anne Latour ARCWP Candidate

Anne Latour 

Women’s Ordination Conference calls all Catholics, regardless of gender, to realize our baptismal promise of priesthood. Each of us is baptized priest, prophet and royalty, and it is time for us to live out that promise in the hope of a renewed church. 

Every single day I am grateful for the courage of the faithful Catholics who are willing to speak out against the false narratives that we have been taught, and to “speak truth to power” on behalf of all of us.

We must have the faith in women that Jesus had, when he asked St. Mary Magdalene to be the first of all of his Apostles to bring the Gospel to the world.

Recent surveys have shown that the majority of Catholics support the ordination of women, and I am proud to be working with a group that will shout that from the rooftops.

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