You and I know how powerful it is to hear a woman preach, to be anointed by a woman, or have a woman lead prayer. Because we know that women have spiritual gifts and the Holy Spirit does not discriminate on the basis of gender when calling someone forth for ministry. 

I have done those things and I have also been on the receiving end of such grace. 

As a board member of WOC, I have the honor of witnessing the incredible leadership and prophetic vocations of women called to priesthood, and that is why ordination justice is so important to me. If you have benefited from the life-giving ministries of a woman, or heard a woman say, “This is my body, This is my blood,” then you know what I mean. 

The institutional church is sabotaging itself by refusing to ordain women.WOC believes in calling our institutional church and its leaders to live the Gospel values of our faith. We believe that a just church is only possible when women are equal and equally able to answer their call to renewed priesthood. 

I am inspired by the creative and Spirit-filled ways WOC continues to knock on closed doors for women’s equality, and during this WOC-a-thon, I ask you to join me in supporting our shared mission of realizing a renewed church.