Thursday, October 14, 2021

Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests ordains Deacon Anne Tropeano in Albuquerque, NM - October 14, 2021

Prayer of Consecration for Deacon

Bishop: We praise you, most loving God, and call on your name. You are with us and you give us all grace. You call people into holy service and you choose them for orders in the Church.

Loving God, you renew everything in your energy. You order everything according to your eternal designs. Through your word, your wisdom and the power of love, you provide what we need in the changing seasons of life.

You abundantly blessed your Church and have wonderfully designed the Body of Christ in great diversity of membership. You unite and sanctify us in your Spirit.  

You give your Church life and growth. For the praise of your Name, you have established the threefold ministry of Orders and furnished the Church with holy gifts, as from the beginning, you chose faithful servants for ministering to your holy people.

As the Church began to grow, the apostles, led by the Spirit, set apart seven proven people to be helpers in daily ministry. The apostles themselves wanted to be free for prayer and for the proclamation of the word.

To these chosen ones you entrusted prayer and the table ministry through the laying-on-of hands. We humbly present this deacon before you.

Bishop: I now invite you, the assembly, to join me in extending your hands over this woman as we embrace the Spirit in her and in all.

God’s Spirit strengthens you to carry out your ministry faithfully.

God’s Spirit calls you to heal and reconcile.  

God’s Spirit guides you in your work for justice and peace for all. 

God’s Spirit enlivens you in prophetic and liberating obedience. 

Together, we are one in Christ, loving and serving as God’s holy people. 

All: Amen.

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